Rigid Borescope $695.00 and up

PS1000 | $695.00

The PS1000 industrial borescope offers features not available on even the most expensive scopes, yet it is the lowest priced scope of its kind in the industry. It’s a diagnostic tool that will save you time and money! Check machined bores, cylinder heads and walls, valve seats and heads, piston crowns, crankcases, transmissions, inside door (lock and window mechanisms) all without major disassembly. Just think of the ways a professional borescope could improve your work and profit!

Standard Kit- $695 to $1295

Each kit comes complete with a portable, battery-powered LED “Bright White” lightsource (batteries included), condenser lens, and custom, foam-lined carrying/storage case. Please choose 0, 30 or 70 degree angle of view and length, 6", 12", 15" 24"

Optional Equipment

CCD color camera for viewing your image on a TV or monitor $495.00, USB adapter for PC $95.00

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